Hey everyone, Late but a packed full Podcast from Devon Dice is here. And boy there is a lot to talk about so lets not hang aorund any more.

What we have been playing:

Joel:  Clank! App and solo, Vikings gone wildBatman: Gotham City Strategy Game

Sam: Via Nebula, Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, Birds of a Feather


  1. Heroes of Land, Air and Sea Canceled again! 
  2. Games workshop’s rebuttal to PETa
  3. The expanse will get a board game –  
  4. Terra Mystica in space – 
  5. Fan #1 Jon steggles tagged my attention to a New Judge Dredd and 2000 AD Tabletop Adventure Games. These seem to be RPG books
  6. Cancellation of Gloomhaven at retail
  7. Golden Geeks announced – Devon Dice favourite, Clank, has been nominated in the top 15 for board game of the year – do we want to have a bit of vote prediction fun?


  1. Monikers: The Shut Up & Sit Down Nonsense Box
  2. Food Truck Champion from Daily Magic Games
  3. The Last Garden – Robotanists in the Post-Apocalypse.
  4. And with rising sun with a release date of 7th MarchPlus: Empires of the Void 2 from Red Raven Games on 27th February – image link
  5. GeeksWithGame LLCDinosaur Island Looks a bit of a cheeky reaction to this: http://www.escape-the-island.com/http://www.analoggames.com/story/fan-made-jurassic-park-board-game/
  6. Thunderstone Quest 
  7. GKR: Heavy Hitters From the miscreants at Weta Workshop and Cryptozoic comes Weta Workshop’s first tabletop game, set in the sports-crazy dystopian future of Giant Killer Robots!Small topic do you think kickstarter is close to bursting? Or is this the new way we will get our games.

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credits go to Bensound.com for some of the music use.

 – Thank you listen and it’s your turn


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28. Devon Dice Podcast part 2, Show packed full of content.
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