Joel, Lewis and Sam bring you the best in board gaming their lifes, news and Kickstarters in episode 45 of the Devon Dice Podcast

Joel Played; Heavy hitters

News: crokicurl

Lewis Played; Blood rage

News: HATE plus the rising sun, kotahi

Meeple corner plug: offers and preorders, don’t pay until the game in the shop, Clank! The Mummy’s Curse

Kickstarter: Agents of mayhem, Page Quest season 1

Sam Played: Favelas

News: Century Spice road/golem edition + Century eastern wonders,

Topic: following the rules even if they make you tear up the game

News: Fake boardgames

Plus compo Time who will be the winner. 


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credits go to for some of the music use.

 – Thank you listen and it’s your turn

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45, DDP Freezing Ballz and Board games
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