Joel and DR Lewis gather around the mics again to talk Board games. 

Joel Played; Paper Tails

News: Fireball island will hit kickstarter 3rd April

Lewis Played; Opens a big box of goodies and Transatlantic

News:  the game of “PIG”

Kickstarter: loads:

Dice throne 2nd season

Palm Island

Pocket sub

Aeon’s end: Legacy


Chronicles of Crime

Swords crafters

Robinhood and his Merry men

Dead and Breakfast

Egde of Darkness

Batman Gotham City Chronicles

News: Habsro launches their own crowd-funding platform, HasLab

Topic:Designer/publisher spat

News: Ready for Some 2-player Dino Action?

App Played: Legendary DXP on the iPhone and iPad


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 – Thank you listen and it’s your turn


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46 DDP, Serial Lurking
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