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This is the youtube visual podcast; same sound but pictures. 

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Welcome, everyone to this first episode of Devon Presents… podcast, this is our chat show where we talk about games we have played, News, a Topic and more

This week Joel and Tom talk about Istanbul as the game they played.


  1. Catan gets brought up, 
  2. Codenames 20 of BBG, 
  3. Quadropolis, 
  4. My First Stone Age
  5. Brass Reprint Deluxe
  6. Kickstarter; 
  7. The Pursuit of Happiness
  8. Tiny Epic Western,

The topic this week is about us Devon Dice.

Bonus Content is Gum Gum Machine

Joel is @DepressedMonk3y Tom is @tpwestrope

Thanks go out to our families for putting up with our habit.

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Join us in a month, for another chat show and also on the 1st Monday of every month for our board game review Podcast,  the show where we look deep into a board game.


Thank you for listen

Devon Dice Podcast present Episode One
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